Priests Information (E to H)

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Fr. Edward San Thein
Othrgon, Pegu Division
St. Mary’s Cathedral, Yangon
St. Mary’s Cathedral, Yangon
Catholic Major Seminary, Yangon
06.12.1972, by Archbishop Gabriel Thohey Mahn Gaby
St. Mary’s Cathedral, Yangon
01.03.1973, by H.E. Cardinal Terrance Cooke of New York
St. Mary’s Cathedral, Yangon
Peter Aung Gyi
Elizabeth Daw Thein Yin
12/ Ya Ka Na (Naing) 050284
1973-1974: St. Michael Church, Gyobingauk (Assistant Priest)
1974-1979: Kamamaung (Parish Priest)
1979-1981: Tavoy (Parish Priest)
1981-1982: St. Anthony’s Church, Yangon (Assistant Priest)
1982-1983: Mergui (Assistant Priest)
1983-1988: Mergui (Parish Priest)
1988-1997: St. Lazarus, Insein (Parish Priest)
1997-2000: Archdiocese of Perth, Australia
2000-2002: St. Theresa’s Church, Yangon (Retired)
2002-2006: St. Edwards’ Church, Yangon (Parish Priest)
28 Feb 2006-30 Nov 2007: St. Jude’s Church, Yankin
Dec 2007-Feb 2010: St. Theresa Church, Alone (Retired)
Died 23.2.2010, at Asia Royal Medical Centre, Yangon
Buried: 25.2.2010, at St. Michael’s Church, Gyobingauk
Rev. Fr. Edward San Thein Aung Gyi died at 8:50 p.m. at Asia Royal medical Center in Yangon on 23 February 2010. He died while taking Dialysis. According to his last wish, his body was taken back to Gyobingauk and was entombed with Holy mass 25 February 2010. Bishop Justin Saw Min Thide, Bishop of Hpa-an, officiated the funeral Mass and homily was given by Rev. Fr. Gabriel Aung San.
May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
Recorded by Fr. Noel Saw Naw Aye