St. Rita’s Catholic Church

Philip Myaing Than
Aungzeya Road
5th Ward, Maubin Tsp
Ayeyarwady Division
Tel: +95 (0)45 30608, (0)9 497 27329

(Pastor) Fr. Philip Myaing Than
(Asso. Pastor) Fr. Alexander Kyaw Win

Daily Mass
6:15a.m.(Kayin, Myan.& bEng.alternatively)

Sunday Mass

Maubin town is about 56 miles south of Yangon city. The French Fathers of the Foreign Missions of Paris (M. E. P.) first opened this Mission in 1903. 19 villages are part of the mission. There are about 500 Catholic families with about 4902 Catholics. Most of them are Kayin. Religion-wise there are Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus.

At present moment, 1 priest and 3 nuns are working together in this mission. The convent and boarding houses for girls and boys were instituted by Fr. Leo in 1934. As a result a total of 9 priests, 5 religious Brothers, 19 religious Sisters, and some educated people working at the government offices were educated here.